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Golf Walker Cup team announced the list of

Публикувано от t1oti 
Golf Walker Cup team announced the list of
02-09-2011 - 19:07:14
Golf Walker Cup team announced the list of

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DENVER August 30, at Kelly - Kola Swift (Kelly Kraft) to win the U.S. Amateur Championship, the United States Golf Association announced as soon as he was named to this year's U.S. Walker Cup squad. Besides, Jordan - Si Pisi (Jordan Spieth), Brian - Barber (Blayne Barber) also entered the United States. Walker Cup is the U.S. wing of the United Kingdom and Ireland among the top amateur match.

According to tradition, Kelly - Cora Swift as the U.S. Amateur champion will enter the Walker Cup team. Of course, Southern Methodist University students have already proved their strength, he was among the final 36-hole amateur world beat Patrick - Kante Li (Patrick Cantlay). The players already selected for Walker Cup.

Jordan - Si Pisi age is still small, just lost the U.S. Junior Amateur qualifying, soon to start college career at the University of Texas. But he has shown a very high talent, twice in Byron - Nelson Championship promotion, the other two won the U.S. Junior Championship.

Most people think that places should go to the third NCAA Championship - John Peterson (John Peterson) the name, the player earlier this year when almost won the Nationwide Tour title. Children's Hospital Invitational in the U.S., he lost to Harris - British Geli Xi (Harris English).

However, the U.S. Golf Association chose Brian - Barber. The player is the 2010 U.S. Amateur Championship stroke play first. - John Peterson is not even the first alternate. The first substitute for Andrew - Cloud (Andrew Yun) 4 oob ggg99911 0902 .

Do not know this, John - Peterson announced that it will soon turn pro.

Walker Cup in the United States and the United Kingdom and Ireland between the amateur tournament, next month at the Royal Aberdeen Golf Club (Royal Aberdeen) hold.

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