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Triplett U.S. Tour win 49-year-old Dawson, a backward

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Triplett U.S. Tour win 49-year-old Dawson, a backward
02-09-2011 - 19:01:53
Triplett U.S. Tour win 49-year-old Dawson, a backward

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DENVER Aug. 29 news, the weekend's news sentinel Open (News Sentinel Open), and three PGA Tour victories Kirk - Kirk Triplett (Kirk Triplett) became the nation's oldest Tour champion in history He has 49 years 4 months and two days. He shot a 68 under par four with a total score of -21 bar, a one-shot win over Mark - Dawson. To this end he won 90,000 dollars in prize money list jump to 22 from 119. According to regulations, the top 25 money list will receive 2012 PGA Tour tournament. He said that today's young people for the golf tournament brought more vigor.

Triplett said: "I said before I play, win the game to increase the competitiveness of my professional attitude to the game, trying to make themselves more competitive is more sensitive in the sense of this practice and playing are great, but not as happy when leading. That really shows the ground when you have enough capacity. "48-year-old Mark - Dawson also played in the final round 68. Ted - Porter (69) and John - Malin Ge (70) tied for third with -18.

- John Daly with sponsor's wild card game, he shot a final round 68 to total came in 32 -11 bar. Two PGA Tour cloth - Wei Keli, starting in 2006, playing the Nationwide Tour, shot a final round 72, shot a total score is -11 3 oob ggg99911 0902.

Kirk Triplett in the 2006 Tucson Chrysler Classic, won the first PGA Tour title. He said: "I played for many years Tour, I feel the cause of some nearly dusk, but look and feel has now extended the competitiveness of those great young players but also to the mentality to become younger. Shortly after that age, 15 - 20-year-old players playing better and better, the golf is filled with vitality. "

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