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I do not know which players I've ever seen the kick-off

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I do not know which players I've ever seen the kick-off
02-09-2011 - 18:58:08
I do not know which players I've ever seen the kick-off

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Obviously, these data do not lie. "Players such as Dustin, so that golf looks very easy." Hot pursuit has been letting go of Matt - Kuchar said, "I do not know which players I've ever seen the kick-off, overall performance is better than Dustin - Johnson as a golfer, if you want to have some quality, then ... you will undoubtedly want to kick-off far and accurate. From there, the Golf to be a lot easier. "

However, Dustin - Johnson sometimes still make their own in a difficult position. In Dora, he from the final group, he hit the ball very beautiful, the result of putting a critical moment, he is also a push to take it down, eventually falling Nick - Watney earned a Championship WGC-Cadillac runner-up. British Open, Dustin - Johnson also entered the ranks of the title race. However, the par-five 14th, his 2-iron deflect the ball flying out of bounds, let him champion, have been dashed.

Barclays is no doubt Dustin - a Johnson victory. First, the victory pushed him to the FedEx Cup standings top position, let him compete for $ 10 million in prize money on the road, the first step. But also to dispel people's concerns - if there is doubt, then - he is indeed America's top players.

This week, Dustin - Johnson's world ranking climbed to the peak of his career: the fourth. In fact, over the past two victories, he is confronting the most powerful lineup, two are the FedEx Cup. Although he has not been major championship, the last two years in addition to the U.S. Masters, he has played all the Grand Slam last group of the.

This is the beginning of this year, Dustin - Johnson speech, the reason why it is so confident. In Kappa Croix, a reporter asked Woods what he expected, and Woods started how important golf championship. Obviously, if that's the case, other players a chance to win will be greatly reduced. Dustin - Johnson state that Woods can come back, but his level of interest in the matter only so far. "It does not matter to me." He said, "I'm still going to win."

Dustin - Johnson does win, though he spent a long time than expected a few. For Dustin - Johnson, the key is to spend more time in putting on. Recently, his home in South Florida, and plain out of country clubs have a lot of time to practice putting. "Unnecessary to putting up the hole, you only need to push the ball on the line." Dustin - Johnson said, "I judge the greens very well for me, you can not control whether the ball hole , but you can control where you start. I temper what is in my sights on the position of putting. 2 oob ggg99911 0902 "

A year ago at the Players Championship, the Butch - Harmon started with Dustin - Johnson cooperation. Although Dustin - Johnson likes life outside golf course, Harmon said he still spent a lot of time on the golf course, and do not be afraid to try new things the game. Harmon could not help but bring it to compare him with Woods. "I love this child of one thing: he like tigers when we started temper some of the things, he would immediately accept and put it into the game." Harmon said, "I told him these things will only ever work in the face of intense competition, rather than field work in practice, however, whether good or bad, he will try. "

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