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Dustin world ranking rose to the top U.S. players

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Dustin world ranking rose to the top U.S. players
02-09-2011 - 18:47:34
Dustin world ranking rose to the top U.S. players

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Ticker on August 29, Dustin - Johnson (Dustin Johnson) with Barclays Classic victory to prove that he is indeed America's best young players. This week, not only Dustin - Johnson's world ranking rose to fourth place, the FedEx Cup standings, climbed to the first. More importantly, this was his fourth consecutive win of the season on the PGA Tour. [ View the latest world rankings ]

After winning the Barclays Classic, Dustin - Johnson is only an idea. When he left the 18th green when he first told this idea caddy, then at the airport, he in turn this idea to swing coach Butch - Harmon. Now his turn to lord it over it!

Whether today how difficult to win on the PGA Tour, Dustin - Johnson of the few, we think he can win a year's players. Indeed, he is the kind of all-round very good player. He is not just among the golf ball the farthest one of several players, more importantly, whatever the circumstances, he have the courage to hit all types of balls.

But since last year won the BMW Championship has quickly won over a whole year he did not. And this season is not much time left 1 oob ggg99911 0902.

"We were very frustrated, he did not win the year." Butch - Sunday, Harmon said, "He played from tee to green is good, but he's putting a drag, but this child really very resilient. Even if he screwed up, as we saw, and he drops like a shake, like a duck, no effect on him and he continued to play hard, this is his biggest advantage, he is an aggressive type of player, but now he is still playing very positive. "

This point is very clear on the Barclays Classic. Because the relationship between hurricane Irene, Barclays was forced to cut to 54 holes. Plains Country Club has become very soft because of rain. Dustin - Johnson ways to deal with it is to use force to conquer it, eventually catch up with him on Saturday Matt - Kuchar to win the championship.

Dustin - Johnson, how far to hit in order to strike how far he is the kind of wood has an extra gear at the players. Final 36 holes, he seemed entirely at a plain wooden covered countryside. Four of four holes, he can open the green one, or close to the greens.

The fourth hole, Dustin - Johnson tee shot into the bunker in front of the green after they took the lead. In fact, it was the first time all week he hit into the bunker, and he directly from 85 feet to score the ball hit the hole from the bunker shot for eagle. The ninth hole, Dustin - Johnson again the next bunker. Parallel to that bunker and the flag, although his station is very difficult, he's scrambling was good enough hit to 12 feet after he caught a bird.

The last nine holes, Dustin - Johnson All par. He eventually surrendered 65, achieved a victory. This 27-year-olds more than a fifth career victory - 20-year-old player into his early United States, the largest number of his titles - he also became in 1999 - Tiger Woods since the first landing from the universities and the U.S. Tour, the former champion has recorded four seasons all players.

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